Horse Sized Kindness

Horse Sized Amounts of Kindness 


Something new here that we would like to start, just a small way to make a difference. There’s always a positive reason to help and support others. Leaving people feeling defeated, sad, down on themselves and threatened is really not appropriate, no matter the circumstance. It would help everyone to remember to put your ears forward, relax your nostrils and rest a hoof when communicating with others. At times this is hard and proves to be difficult within the horse community as well.

The kindness trail is headed this way! Inserting a bit more kindness into the horse community would certainly be a step forward.

Each week a featured story will be posted. Kindness, encouragement, helpfulness, inclusivity and positivity is what will be posted about.

Here’s where you rein in! Send a story, with a picture, to Each week, one will be posted. The person that is the example of ‘horse sized kindness’ for the week will receive a $25 gift card and $25 will be donated to a club or barn of their choice for a sportsmanship award.

Can’t wait to read all submissions and get posting them. Our hope is that this not only brings some positive Facebook posts to your feed but allows the thought process towards horses, whether competition or recreational, to be a positive one.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Any discipline, all riders, owners and barn goers!

Happy riding and send those stores in!


Mission statement:

Proving kindness does exist within the equine community by providing a space for recognition and conversation about the importance of inclusivity, support and positivity with anyone involved with horses.